The Alaska Business Report Card (ABRC) formed in 2010 as a non-partisan effort to help ensure Alaska remains an attractive place for private sector investment, jobs and economic growth. The participating organizations below and their members, together, employ tens of thousands of Alaskans:

Alaska Chamber
Resource Development Council for Alaska, Inc.

The ABRC grades all 60 Alaska state legislators and the governor on how they support legislation that helps Alaska’s private business sector. At the start of the legislative session, the ABRC shares policy priorities and outlines expectations with all legislators and the Governor, expectations consistent with the eventual report card grading.

During each legislative session, the ABRC group works closely with legislators and the Governor on issues of importance to Alaska’s private sector. The ABRC looks for supportive legislative efforts that create a healthy and appropriately-sized state government and that strengthen Alaska’s economy.

We track how legislators voted on important legislation through floor amendments and final votes on bills they sponsored and co-sponsored and, depending on the level of importance, assign that legislation a higher or lower score. All the data used to calculate legislators’ scores and grades are based on public records provided by the Alaska State Legislature and searchable in the “How We Score” section of this website.