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About ABRC

In 2010, the Alaska Business Report Card (ABRC) was launched. The following groups, whose members employ tens of thousands of Alaskans, work together to develop Report Card grades. They are:

Resource Development Council for Alaska, Inc.

The ABRC group grades all 60 Alaska state legislators, and the Governor, on how supportive they are of Alaska’s private business sector. The grading process works like this:

During each legislative session, the staff and directors of the above organizations work closely with legislators on issues of importance to Alaska’s private sector. We track how they voted on important legislation, how they performed in committee meetings, which bills they sponsored, and what leadership they provided – positive or negative – on key business issues. Based on this data, each organization prepares its own grades. Then, the four groups meet to compare their grades and forge a consensus grade for each elected official. (See 2016 grades here)

Legislators are given advance notice each session on which issues will be our top priorities. Using those priorities, lawmakers are judged not only on their official votes (which can sometimes be misleading), but also on their behind-the-scenes conduct. This method works quite well, as the staff and board members of these organizations are close to the action and have in-depth expertise on what actually occurred, who was involved, who was supportive, and who was not.

Interestingly, it is remarkably simple for the three organizations to arrive at consensus grades. As it turns out, lawmakers who are anti-business on some issues tend to be anti-business on other issues, and vice versa. While not perfect, we consider these grades to be the most accurate feedback on business and jobs issues in Alaska.